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Cyber attacks on Australia blurring the lines between peace and war, Defence Minister says – ABC News

Ransomware BCyber todaySeptember 12, 2020 45

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Foreign government cyber-attacks on Australia have increased further since June, when Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed Australian organisations were under sustained digital assault.

Key points:

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds says the alarming “new normal” of persistent cyber-attacks on Australia is blurring the difference between “peace and war”.

“We’re now facing an environment where cyber-enabled activities have the potential to drive disinformation, and also directly support interference in our economy, interference in our political system, and also in what we see as critical infrastructure,” Senator Reynolds said.

“This type of activity really does blur what we previously understood to be peace and war, which is what we call that grey zone in between.”

The Minister made the comments ahead of the release of the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) first annual cyber security threat report.

It is understood the Government wants to introduce a regime that would make it mandatory for operators of critical infrastructure to report cyber-attacks. This would likely include banks, telecommunications and utility operators.

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