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The Flashpoint Advantage

Flashpoint delivers actionable intelligence that empowers organizations of all sizes to take rapid, decisive actions to protect against threats. The company’s technology, advanced data collections, and human-powered analysis uniquely enable teams to mitigate threats related to cybersecurity, fraud, insider threats, corporate and physical security, executive protection, and third-party risk.

Visibility and Access into Financially-Motivated Threat Actor Communities (e.g., Forums, Marketplaces, Chat)

Insight into Discussions, TTPs, and Tutorials Focused on Fraud

Reporting on Specific Countries to Inform Travel, Supply Chain, and Other Operations Overseas

Compromised Credentials or Other Means of Gaining Unauthorized Access

Information to Enable Risk Mitigation and Hygiene Efforts Based on New and Emergent E&V

Collections, Analysis, & Associated Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) on Emergent Malware

Physical Threats to Corporate Offices, Government Agencies, or Executives

Investigation into Data Breaches and Other Leaks of Sensitive Information

Insider Threat and Insider Recruiting per Reporting and/or Investigative Work

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Other Attacks on Networks or Domains

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Meet Flashpoint

Join BCyber as they host a discussion on “Cyber crime in 2020 – Secrets of the virtual illicit undergroundwith intelligence expert, Brett Williams, Pacific and Japan Flashpoints Lead Solutions Architect – Asia, Pacific and Japan

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Flashpoint empowers business to mitigate risk by looking for insider threats, detecting data exposure, uncover targeting of people and/or assets, compromised credential monitoring, identifying new and/or emerging attack threats