BCyber presents the last line of defence solution from Bullwall called RC.

We make sure that your organization, reputation and bottom line stay secure when all your other security solutions fail. Stop ransomware before it stops you!

✅ Instantly detect an ongoing ransomware outbreak
✅ Immediately detect and identify the user and client which initiated the encryption and block any further encryption
✅ Stop the ransomware in its tracks by using our built-in scripts (Shutdown device, disable user in Active Directory, terminate a Citrix session or disable network devices)
✅ Quickly identify the user and the files that have been encrypted for an easy restore from backup
✅ Automate your GDPR reporting
✅ No network or performance overhead


RC provides a revolutionary “Last Line of Defence” against the risk of Ransomware. RC will immediately react to live ransomware outbreaks when all other security solutions have failed. RC monitors your critical data (XLS, DOCX and PDF etc) and looks for any illegitimate encryption. RC will instantly detect any unwanted ransomware outbreaks.


As RC is an agentless solution, there is no requirement for this to be installed on your endpoints, servers or file storage. RC monitors your network shares and protects your critical data. As a result, RC can be deployed quickly and in a matter of hours.


Easy integration to other security solutions like MS ATP, Cisco ISE and Splunk through the RC RESTful API, enhances your current security setup.